Bourn Golf Course – Club House and Fitness Centre Renovation

Gawn Associates was appointed as the principle engineers to oversee the renovation and expansion to Bourn Golf Course Club House and Fitness Centre. The existing club house is currently undergoing a ~£3 million renovation and extension, with the addition of; a first floor gymnasium, a health and wellbeing spa, the addition of various shops, the expansion of the restaurant as well as the addition of an 80 people and 200 people dining and conference area. The façade of building is also being updated, with a new glazed lobby and a mix of timber, zinc and masonry cladding to create a blend of traditional golf club house aesthetics with a modern twist.

Structurally the extension work is relying on a new steel frame construction, tied into existing and new masonry structure. The steel frame is responsible for supporting the roof and first floor construction, while the masonry provides horizontal stability to the structure.

The above image shows the construction of the new first floor gymnasium above the existing swimming pool. Due to planning restrictions, the ridge line of the roof could not exceed that of the existing structure, therefore large dormers were required to achieve maximum usable floor area with a suitable head height. One of the main challenges with this section of the build was the imposed vibration loads on the first floor structure imposed from the gymnasium. The vibrational loading issue along with a large 13m clear span was overcome with the use of pre-stressed concrete planks design and installed by a specialist manufacture.

The project is currently on going with the next phase of the dining and conference area starting next month, the overall project has a set completion date for mid-2021.